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Talc(Soap Stone) from Afghanistan

We N.J.Enterprises have very good source of fine quality (Talc) Soap Stone from Afghanistan.

Highly skilled and experienced mining labor is employed to extract the Talc/ Soapstone deposits both manually and mechanically, using modern machinery and technologies.

Serious Buyers kindly contact us.


Currently, soapstone is most commonly used for architectural applications, such as counter tops, floor tiles, showerbases and interior surfacing.Soapstone is sometimes used for construction of fireplace surrounds, cladding on metal woodstoves, and as the preferred material for woodburning masonry heaters because it can absorb, store, and evenly radiate heat due to its high density and magnesite (MgCO3) content. It is also used for counter tops and bathroom tiling because of the ease of working the material and its property as the “quiet stone”.Soapstone can be used to create molds for casting objects from soft metals, such as pewter or silver. The soft stone is easily carved and is not degraded by heating.



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